Kate R.

I'm often asked if I read all the books I recommend.  I would love to say YES!!  In reality, although it would be incredible to read through everything in our store, it just isn't feasible.  Partly because I relish watching a well-fought football game on a brisk fall afternoon; I enjoy an evening relaxing at the theatre or an orchestra concert; and I crave the opportunity to spend time with family.  All of which take away from reading time.

Kate S.

I am the Events Coordinator at Dragonfly Books. While I'm not using my organizing superpowers for author wrangling, you'll find me playing with my kids or buried in a novel. Science fiction, fantasy, young adult, general fiction -- I love heroes and heroines in whatever form (or world) they take.

Sarah K.

When I was a child, I read books. I had them stashed all around the house in case of a reading emergency, perfected the art of reading while walking, and even spent an entire Minnesota Twins game reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I preferred magical lands to middle school and reading to sleep - and some things never change. I live amongst stacks of books on every surface, to the point that when we first started dating, my husband asked if I knew that I had an abnormal amount of reading material.

Rachel R.

Viewing this creature in her natural habitat is a rare occurence, for she is far too antsy to stay in one place for too long.  However, records show that the wild Rachel can read, and does so avidly.  College provides a wealth of required reading for this elusive creature, but she gets her thrills in disappearing with the strangest novels she can get her hands on.  Not much can be ascertained by examining the habits of this animal, so researchers have turned to the books she chooses to read to profile her.