Kate R.

I'm often asked if I read all the books I recommend.  I would love to say YES!!  In reality, although it would be incredible to read through everything in our store, it just isn't feasible.  Partly because I relish watching a well-fought football game on a brisk fall afternoon; I enjoy an evening relaxing at the theatre or an orchestra concert; and I crave the opportunity to spend time with family.  All of which take away from reading time.

Sarah K.

Bookseller & Marketing Coordinator
Informally, Queen of Spreadsheets, Logic Formulas, & Conditional Formatting

When I was a child, I read books. I had them stashed all around the house in case of a reading emergency, perfected the art of reading while walking, and even spent an entire Minnesota Twins game reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I preferred magical lands to middle school and reading to sleep - and some things never change. I live amongst stacks of books on every surface, to the point that when we first started dating, my husband asked if I knew that I had an abnormal amount of reading material.

Liz B.

Bookseller & Frontline Manager
Informally, Queen of the Book Elves

I'm a long time fan of words and books! I've loved reading and writing since I've known how to. As a mother of three active school aged children, I don't have nearly as much time to read as I'd like to, but I supplement with audio books on Libro.fm. I just finished "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman and it had me both laughing out loud and wiping a few tears from my eyes. It is a wonderful book, and I will definitely be reading more of his books in the future. My favorite books are typically character driven stories in any genre, but mostly feel-good general fiction. I love to forget I am reading a book and feel like I am an extra in the story and know the characters.

Sara S-T.

Bookseller, School & Community Outreach
Informally, Dedicated In-House Cat Photographer

My love of books is a constant in my life. As a child, I wandered out to the woods on the family farm and read (I never wandered too far, though, because I have no sense of direction). I majored in English at Luther College. Following graduation, I worked as a journalist at Decorah Newspapers for six years and as a teen librarian and social media manager at Cresco Public Library for 12 years. I am excited to continue my career journey at Dragonfly Books.  I also work as a freelance writer for the Cresco Times Plain Dealer and volunteer on the Public Relations Committee for the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa. I am a social media and article-writing volunteer for singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren's Spirit of Harmony Foundation and enjoy the opportunity to promote the foundation during his Chicago or Minneapolis tour stops. As a photographer, I specialize in pictures of Northeast Iowa scenery and of my extremely handsome tabby cat, Dibs. 

Favorite Genres: Young Adult, Women's Studies, LGBT Studies, Cats 

The Book Elves

The Book Elves are an important part of the Dragonfly Books ecosystem, taking packages to the post office, putting up our event posters, shelving books, assisting with displays, and tons of other day to day tasks!