Kate's Top Eight Reasons to Read eBooks Locally

Why eight? Well, it’s my favorite number. I could come up with a hundred or more reasons, but decided eight is enough.

1. One-Click Registration
First and foremost, getting signed up is straightforward. Dragonfly Books, through our membership in the American Booksellers Association, is affiliated with Kobo in providing ebooks to our customers. Click through and create a Kobo account with our custom Dragonfly Books link and you’ll support us with every download. You can go digital and stay indie!

2. It’s An Amazingly Awesome and Alternative App
Did we overdo the alliteration? Maybe. Yet, the Kobo ereader app is amazingly easy (and fun) to use. Download the app to your android smart phone, your ipad, your iphone, your nexus tablet, your blackberry, your kindle fire, your laptop, your desktop computer, and sideload your Kobo ebooks onto your nook. The Kobo app doesn’t yet work for your yellow legal tablet, but we've put in an enhancement request for this functionality. Or, pick up a Kobo tablet or ereader at Dragonfly Books! You don’t see your device on this list? Drop us a note, and we’ll see if it is supported.

3. Cuz it’s K-K-K-Katie!
Ok, a bit corny, but 98% of the time when you call Dragonfly Books during regular business hours (563-382-4275), you’ll reach a Kate on the other end of the phone. Both Kate R and Kate S read voraciously in all formats (print and digital), and both Kates have Kobo tablets and ereaders, in addition to experience using the Kobo app on non-Kobo devices such as smart phones and other tablets. Can they be stumped? Possibly. But one or the other Kate will either be able to answer your question or find out the answer for you.

4. Splendiferously the Same Selections
Best selling authors. Obscure works of literature. Poetry. Science Fiction. Romance. Fantasy. How To. How Not To… There’s an ebook for every chapter in your life. Four million titles. Sixty-eight languages. Seriously, it’s the same digital ebook and digital catalog as sold by the mega-corporations. The difference? Profits stay local when you purchase through your Kobo app.

5. Profit Portion Pledged to Public and Private Schools
Dragonfly Books has pledged that 90% of the profits from ebook sales get donated to local public and private schools. In 2013, through the Dragonfly Books "Books in the Classroom Program" over $400 in additional book purchases (our match to PTO purchases) were placed in John Cline classrooms. Purchasing ebooks locally will help us give back even more. We’d love to give away thousands of dollars worth of books in 2014!

6. Privacy is Paramount
Locally, only the account administrator has access to your ebook purchase history. Our store policy is to never review your information unless you have a question which requires us to do so.

7. What Does the Fox Say?
Support your local independent bookseller, of course. Listen closely. It’s true.

8. Consumer Choice
Bottom line, you as a consumer can exercise choice. The mega-corporations don’t advertise this, but for almost all digital reading devices, you can choose how you purchase your ebooks. Just as you choose to support main street businesses, you can support independent bookstores with your ebook purchases. Do you know who your bookseller is?