Let's Talk about Small Business Saturday!

Let's talk about Small Business Saturday! The Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the national campaign that American Express is advertising. We have partnered because our community is built on small business. All but a handful fit into the small business category. We appreciate having national recognition of the impact these businesses make to our communities, schools, economy, and fabric of our success and vitality. We also appreciate the strong message to support our small businesses, not just on Small Business Saturday.

Technology in today's world has made it extremely easy to bypass the local business for cheaper deals delivered right to your doors. The internet allows you to be your own lawyer, purchase insurance, invest, bank, and shop without ever leaving your couch. Yet, local businesses are putting people to work, paying taxes that support city infrastructure and schools, and they give generously when asked for support. Their existence relies on their customers and clients. And the customers and clients benefit far more from the relationships that are built. It keeps us all connected to the greater community.

Keep our community strong by supporting those who live, work and play here too. Make the local choice your first choice this Small Business Saturday and every day!

This guest blog post is written by Nikki Brevig, Director of the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce. It was orignially written for the Decorah Chamber Friday Focus (Nov. 2013), and is reposted with permission.