Fairy House Story Time!

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 10:30am

Date: Saturday, April 29
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: Dragonfly Books
Cost: Free!

Dragonfly Books is thrilled to host a Fairy House Story Time with special guests and fairy house creators Lauren and Heidi Anderson. Intricately designed using branches and natural materials, these whimsical creations will spark children’s imaginations and inspire the creativity of everyone young and old. The Andersons will share their fairy houses and read stories on Saturday, April 29 at 10:30 am at Dragonfly Books.

When Lauren Anderson moved to her house in Decorah, she immediately went to work taming the landscaping. A friend brought over her hacksaw and chopped down two ugly mature bushes. She lifted one bit of branch up and said, “You should do something artistic with this.” Lauren said, “Fairy houses,” and thought the only place that needed that many fairy houses would be as centerpieces at a wedding.

When she met and fell in love with Heidi a year later, Lauren mentioned the branches and Heidi immediately offered many ideas for each fairy house. They worked on the houses side-by-side as the plans for their wedding came together. The fairy houses were the centerpieces for their reverently whimsical fall wedding in October 2016.

Lauren and Heidi are excited to share their fairy houses with Dragonfly Books. The houses will be on display in the Dragonfly Books window and can be seen up close at the Fairy House Story Time.

Lauren Anderson is an assistant professor of African American History at Luther who takes what time she can to play with paint and glue. Art is a way for her to enter a mind space totally occupied by the moment of the creation. You can see more of her art at whimsandwhimsy.wordpress.com.

Heidi Anderson is a special education teacher who loves to create collages, fabric crafts, tiny objects out of wood and clay, and throw pots at the Clay Studio. Art is a way for her to bring reality to the quirky what-ifs in her imagination and feel questions turn into possibility between her hands.

This event is sponsored by Dragonfly Books at 112 W. Water St., Decorah and is free and open to the public. To learn more about this and other events at Dragonfly Books, please visit www.dragonflybooks.com, or contact us at events@dragonflybooks.com or 563-382-4275.