Classroom Wish List Program

Classroom teachers, families, and friends - welcome to our Classroom Wish List Program for area pre-K - 12 classrooms!

As an educator, you are able to create an ongoing wish list of books for your classroom(s). During the year, any Dragonfly Books customer can select books from these wish lists, purchase them at the regular educator discount of 20% off retail cost, and donate them to your classroom(s). These books can be purchased in-store or online through our website and we will deliver or mail the donated books.

Contact Sarah Krammen at for more information and to register for this program. 

"We’re excited to launch this new program. It’s our way to go beyond what we can do as a local bookstore to involve the larger community in support of our schools," says Dragonfly Books owner, Kate Rattenborg. 

Creating an online Wish List

  • The first step in creating your online wish list is to set up an account with Dragonfly Books.
  • After creating an account, search for a book on our website. (For example, Charlotte's Web)  Click on "add to wishlist." 
  • Customizing your wish list name.
    • Click on "Wish List" in the upper right hand of the screen.
    • Add a descriptive name for your wish list. We recommend starting with your school name, followed by your name and/or classroom.