For Educators

Dragonfly Books loves our local educators!

At Dragonfly Books, we are thankful to have the support of our local community.  We are proud of the strength of our schools and we are committed to providing support to our local and regional schools and educators.  Whether you live in our region or are visiting, we offer the following opportunities.

Everyday Discounts
We realize educators often purchase classroom items using their own funds. To offset the cost, we offer an everyday discount of 20% off all books going into the classroom. No registration is necessary; simply identify yourself as an educator when purchasing items for your classroom.

(Educator discount does not apply to personal purchases by educators)

Classroom Wish Lists
As an educator, you are able to create an ongoing wish list of books for your classroom(s). During the year, our customers can select books from these wish lists, purchase them at the regular educator discount of 20% off retail cost, and donate them to the classroom. Wish lists can be maintained online for ease in adding new titles to the list. Providing wish lists is one way we can extend beyond what we can do as a local bookstore and involve the larger community in support of our schools.  

Click HERE for more information.

Purchase Orders
Dragonfly Books accepts school purchase orders. We also offer discounts for larger orders. Please contact Kate Rattenborg at for more information.

Please note that we are an independent bookstore in Decorah, IA, and are not a publisher.
To reach the publisher Dragonfly Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House), please call 212-782-9000.

Reading and Literacy Program Support
We have worked with schools in providing books for their "One School, One Book" reading program.

We also provide discounts to families for the annual Decorah Reading Games program.

Dragonfly Books can also host book fairs. Click HERE for more information.

Please contact us with ideas or questions about support for additional reading/literacy programs.