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Mystery Box!
Curated By DFB Staff
in store $100.00
Gift Card $25
in store $25.00
Gift Card $50
in store $50.00
Gift Card $100
in store $100.00
For the ULTIMATE puzzler.

If you can't do an 18,000 piece puzzle during quarantine, then when can you?

(9,000 pc also available...)

*Bookseller Sarah note: If you buy this, finish it, and email me photo evidence, I will personally make and mail you a trophy crowning you Dragonfly Books' Ultimate Puzzler.

OK, we know you're not going anywhere (you're not going anywhere, right?!), but you may need to stow your puzzles to clear the table for dinner or to clear the living room floor for a dance party.

Whatever your reasons for stowing your masterpiece, we've got you covered. Literally, in this case.