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Mystery Box!
Curated By DFB Staff
in store $100.00
Gift Card $25
in store $25.00
Gift Card $50
in store $50.00
Gift Card $100
in store $100.00
"Open it up and write I love you on the inside. Sign your name [...] You want the bonus round? Fill the card with a poem or a joke or a few verses of your own. Not only is it apparent that you took the time to select your words and commit them to paper, but now you force the reader to pause in his or her rhythm and consider what you were trying to accomplish with them. That transaction between the two of you is the gift."
- Nick Offerman, Paddle Your Own Canoe

Has your best pen dried out? Want to jazz up a greeting card with some calligraphy?
Our friends at Cardboard Robot have the goods!
Check them out at or CLICK HERE