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August Midwest Connections Picks!


Bookseller selected, Midwest approved! Indie booksellers throughout the Midwest have hand-selected these titles based on their discoverability and regional value. From small towns to bustling cities, many of the most celebrated writers have roots in the middle of the country and explore this distinctly American landscape and experience. Discover your next great read and explore a whole region of amazing literature

How does one astronaut on the moon tell another astronaut that he is sorry?

...he Apollo-gises.

This July, Dragonfly Books has been featuring books about the US moon landing of Apollo 11. Check out some of our favorites below!

PS: Do you love the giant rocket as much as we do? Huge thanks to Cardboard Robot for building it for us out of - you guessed it - cardboard. Make sure to stop in and see all the cool things they have!