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Read eBooks? Want to support small business and your favorite bookstore at the same time?  We've partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading.

 Create a custom Kobo/Dragonfly Books Account today!!

At Dragonfly Books, we are committed to keeping up with the trends. By selling eReaders and ebooks, we give you new ways to keep up with current technology all while buying local. It’s a win-win!



Your ebook purchases will help our store, allowing us to continue to bring you the quality selection of print books and the amazing events you've associated with Dragonfly Books.

Unchain your eReader from the Chains

You may not realize you have a choice of where you purchase your ebooks.  You can buy local; you do not need to support the large online retailers and chain stores.   Kobo ebooks, the ebooks sold throuh Dragonfly Books, can be read on your iPad, Android phone, Nook, Kindle Fire, along with Kobo eReaders.  Continue reading to learn more!  If you want help configuring your eReader, stop in the store and we'll assist you with the setup.

How Do I Set-Up a Custom Kobo/Dragonfly Books Account?

It's as easy as One, Two, Three. You need to create your account through this link on our website, or via your Kobo Mini or Glo eReader bought from our store, for Dragonfly Books to receive revenue from your eBook purchases.

  1. Click here to set up your Custom Kobo/Dragonfly Books account
  2. Login to with your new account to browse, search for, and buy ebooks.
  3. Start readingDownload a free Kobo reading App here to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your new Kobo account and continue to support this store. We sure do appreciate it!)

You only have to go through this signup process once. Once you have established your account, it is not necessary for you to sign in using this link (although you can if you prefer!). You can purchase a book directly from Kobo or through your device.

Already have a Kobo Account?

Drop Kate an email at or call the store at 563-382-4275 for more information about how you can support your favorite local independent bookstore with your ebook purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kobo Devices

Reading on Nook, iPad, Android, and others

Why Kobo?

In November 2012, the American Booksellers Association and Kobo teamed up to bring the Kobo eReader to independent bookstores across the United States.

It’s easy to get started. Kobo offers over 3 million ebook titles - including best sellers, hidden gems, Indie Next List great reads, and other recommendations - that can be downloaded instantly over Wi Fi, making it the ultimate in convenience. Take your library with you wherever you go – Kobo eReaders store up to 1,000 ebooks.

10 million book lovers around the world have embraced Kobo eReading. Just like us, Kobo is passionate about books. Find out why:

  • Kobo eReading Catalog
    Kobo has a world-class eReading catalog with over 3 million ebook titles. When you create an account with Kobo you can shop for books just like you would in our store. Just follow the link!
  • Kobo Free eReading Apps
    Kobo is all about being open so you can read however you want. Once you download their free app to your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your ebooks, PDFs, ePubs, and even your bookmarks, are in sync – start on one device and pick up on another and never lose your place. Set up your Kobo account through our link so that when you purchase ebooks you are supporting Dragonfly Books.
  • Kobo Ease of Use and Customer Care
    The Kobo experience is flexible, easy, and enjoyable. Pick up great indie-recommended and bestseller ebook titles, as well as staff picks. Got questions? Kobo offers first-rate Reader support from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (ET) every day.
  • A Kobo eReader for Everyone
    Kobo has released a line of new eReading devices, including Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo. These devices offer everything you already love about reading, like a no-glare E Ink screen that displays like print on paper. But with a Kobo eReader you get way more convenience like storage – both Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo can store up to 1,000 ebooks, and the easy and accessibility of downloading over built in Wi-Fi. Once you’ve set up a Kobo account through our link, with each Kobo ebook you purchase, you are supporting Dragonfly Books, your favorite independent bookstore.
Questions? Contact Kate Rattenborg at Dragonfly Books (563-382-4275 or or contact the Kobo Help Line directly at, or 855-202-4098 (8am - 12am EST).